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Digicel WebTEXT FAQs

What is Digicel WebTEXT?
Digicel WebTEXT is another first for Digicel. This service allows Digicel customers to log on to the Digicel website and send up to 30 messages absolutely FREE to other Digicel subscribers over a period of one month!

Is this service available to non-Digicel customers?
No - this service is exclusively for Digicel customers to send messages to other Digicel customers.

Do I have to register?
The first time you use the service, you must register. After that, you simply log on using your Digicel mobile phone number and assigned password and you can send messages.

If I register twice - do I get twice the allocation of 30 messages?
No - users must register with their telephone number. Only one registration per number is allowed. When you register, a text message will be sent to you with your password. If you try and register under someone elseís number then you will not receive the password because the password is sent directly to the number that is registering.

Can I change my password?
Yes - you can change your password at any stage and as often as you wish. Simply log-on and click on the option to change password.

What happens if I forget my password?
If you forget your password, go to the log-on page, enter your Digicel number into the field provided and weíll send you your message via text message.

If I forget my password can I call customer care to get it?
No - to protect your privacy, your password is stored in a secure database that customer care staff do not have access to. If you forget your password customer care staff will not be able to send it to you. You must go to the website and request your password as above.

How many messages can I send?
Users can send up to 30 messages per month and send up to 5 messages at any one time.

What if I use all my 30 messages?
When you use all 30 messages then you must wait until your message quota is renewed - the date of renewal is indicated on the website when you log in.

Can I send more than 30 messages?
The limit of messages from the Digicel WebTEXT service is 30. To send more messages simply send them as per usual from your phone.

Is the service anonymous; will the recipient know whom the message is coming from?
The service is not anonymous, when you send the message it will appear to be coming from your mobile number so the recipient knows exactly who has sent them a message.

How does the message appear to the person Iím sending it to?
To the recipient, the message will appear as though itís coming directly from your mobile number. If they reply then the reply will go directly to your handset.

If I send the same message to 5 different recipients, will they each know that the other has received it?
No - the recipient does not see a mailing list, so will see the message simply as coming from your number to them. If they respond, the reply goes directly to your phone and no one else is copied.